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"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
- Robert Frost"


Hi! I am Kapil Sharma. I am currently a final year(infact final semester) computer engineering student hoping to graduate this summer (fingers crossed). This website is an inference of one of my quirks. Passionate about three things, "Computers"(jack of all trades, master of none), "Guitar"(wannabe Jimi Hendrix...long...long way to go) and "Neo"(...my mysterious obesession and always a point of discussion among my friends and colleagues). I am computer programmer by heart and keep tinkering around with many computer technologies. To know me more and what I do, check out my profile. During my graduation years, I have tried my luck with a couple of desktop, web and embedded applications. You can find most successfull ones in the project section of my website. After consuming a lot of knowledge for years, I have finally thought of repaying back to the community through my blogs. Hope, you will find them informative and useful. I love to talk to people and share ideas, so feel free to ping me with whatever you have in mind(not exactly anything, check out my interests in my profile) and I will surely get back to you.

Happening in my life...

About Me

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Well the person in the right, yeah, that's me. The guitar is just to make an impression, I haven't really touched it in a long while, but love strumming whenever get some free time. I am a final year Computer Science Engineering undergraduate. My obsession with computers and programming is gonna ruin my life someday, but for now it makes me a good programmer. I am optimistic, exuberant and happy go lucky guy, always looking for something new and interesting to do.

What I do?

I make things. More precisely, I am more of into developing applications be it for desktop or web or embedded. Occasionally I dabble with the idea of being a musician, but by and large my focus is on computers, programming and all of its connected parts. I occasionally take talks/workshops about things I know (subject to a minimal fee...:P).

I can be useful!

Desktop and web development using Microsoft .NET technologies and Java. Embedded systems programming for 8051, AVR and ARM micro-controller architectures. Wireless modules like RF, XBee, Bluetooth, GSM and GPS. Biometric devices like finger print scanner. Contactless RFID smart card systems. Check out my detailed resume.

I'm not a nerd...:P

I love doing almost anything with a few exceptions. I like to socialize, hanging out with family and friends to eat (sorry I don't drink or smoke), travelling, watch comedy movies/tv shows (sometimes romantic drama, science fiction & adventure also), dogs (but my mom don't allow me to keep one). I like to teach and share knowledge and discuss with people. I am a secret writer too.

Not so personal life...

My life has been excellent since I was born on Nov.6th, 1990. I belong to a small town Bikaner in Rajasthan state of India, popular worldwide for its "Bhujia, Paapad and Namkeen" (tea-time snacks), Camel Festival and rich cultural heritage. My life revolves around my family which consists of my loving mom, dad and sis who have been very supportive at all times and couple of great friends. I consider myself to be extremely fortunate, because my ‘life’, such as it is, simply entails doing what I love.

My Blogs

Programming & Development

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Started March 2nd,2012 | Computers Insight | 36 articles

Articles on Desktop & Web Applications for Windows, .NET technologies(C#.NET, ASP.NET), Java, C++ & C, Databases(SQL Servers), Web Server(IIS) and Windows & Linux OS stuff, Algorithms & Datastructures, Communication & Networking, GIS & Google Maps, ERP.


Embedded Systems & Robotics

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Started March 2nd,2012 | Microcontrollers & RTS | 36 articles

Articles on Embedded Systems and Applications, Microcontrollers(8051, AVR & ARM), Wireless Programming(RF, XBee, Bluetooth, GSM & GPS), Robotics basics, Biometric devices, Real time operating systems, kernel and device drivers.


Technosophy - Technology + Philosophy

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Started March 2nd,2012 | Technology, Literature, Music, Anything | 36 articles

Articles on random stuff, technology "How Tos", thoughts and opinions, arts, music and literature(some personal collections, poems and articles), social causes, national and international agendas, community and society.


My Projects


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GPS & GSM based Vehicle Tracking System

My final year academic project. An AVR ATMega128 microcontroller device mounted on a vehilce that evaluates the geographical co-ordinates of the vehicle using GPS and send them to a remote server using GSM network. A web application developed using ASP.NET running on the remote server plots the vehicle location on digital map provided by Google.



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Educational ERP

Pilot project of Govt. Engineering College, Bikaner in collaboration with Oasis Services, Indore to fully computerize the college campus with SaaS. Project implements number of modules like Admission, HR, Staff & Students management, Accounts & Payroll, Examination & Attendence, Library & Inventory etc.



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An Easy Computer

An ambitious and innovative project intended to develop a numero uno computer that can revolutionize current computing technologies.


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